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Plastic(PCR) Roll On BottleTotal 209 Items

SRS PACKAGING is specialized in manufacturing roll on bottle.
Roller bottle is very popular in skin care and Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industrials.
Roll on bottle is usage eye cream, eye gel, anti-acne essence, anti-itch gel, olive oil, perfume, essential oil, hair oil, lotion, serum,deodorant  etc
Roller bottle with good Massage roll-ons are more convenient to use and do not require you to wash your hands before  applying. Also, you won’t get leftover serum under nails.
the advantage for SRS roll on bottle
1、Accept small quantity order with stock roller bottle,it's easy for your test
2、Free sample with stock color
3、10+ years of experience in the filed of roll on bottle
4、Test roller bottle two time one day by vacuum container, and guarantee 100% no leakage
5、Design the customized output as per the formular with your request
6、SRS roll on bottle export 80%, main maket is USA, European, Mid-East etc market
7、Roll on capacity: 2ml,3ml,5ml,7ml,8ml,10ml,12ml,15ml,16ml,20ml,30ml,35ml etc
    A. cylindrical shape RPP and RPA series
    B. irregular shape PETG series
    C. the cap with hook DH series
    D. the holder with screw SRS series
    E. press airless pump roll on bottle AY series
    F. viberating eye cream  roll on bottle DR series
    G. glass roll on bottle BLP series
    H. bamboo roll on bottle